So I guess this is where I try to write interesting things about myself. 

Not really sure where to go with this, I could say that I am an anthropology student focusing on global health, infectious diseases, and the environment.  And also semi-focusing on history and archeology, because that stuff is cool too.  And I go to the University of Michigan.  

Or I could say I am completely obsessed with the idea of doing crazy adventurous things and travelling anywhere and everywhere.  And I guess to that I could add that very few social norms or safety warnings prevent me from doing things I suspect will be fun.  Oh, and just for kicks, I will add that there is a sassy parrot sitting on my shoulder screeching while I write this.  But I’m not weird or eccentric or a hippie or anything, I’m mostly normal. I swear.  Also, I have an obscure but intense hatred of umbrellas.

So yeah, you should read some of my blog posts sometime, there will all sorts of delightfully nerdy travel, science, cooking, history, anthropology related posts to come in the future.  Mostly when I am procrastinating from doing homework.


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