“The world fascinates me”

So classes have started again and I’m starting to feel like an academic person once more.  And I’m a senior this year – that’s scary for lots of reasons, mostly because I still haven’t figured out what I want to do in life and my ideas are pretty varied, and somewhat improbable.  Epidemiologist,  Archaeologist, Ecologist, Museum Curator, Explorer of unexplored lands, or Professional Vampire Hunter all spring to mind, and I’m not even thinking that hard.   Point being, I’ve been thinking a lot about what interests me, but that just makes me realize how much EVERYTHING interests me.  Seriously, I am interested in a complete jumble of random things, which makes the whole “narrowing down life goals” thing pretty hard.

Anyway, I find myself with some free time this semester (okay, a lot of free time), yet still oddly wanting to do productive things – playing Minecraft as the backup, anti-boredom factor is great but, well, I just feel like doing something else some of the time.  So here’s my proposal that will make me feel productive and whatnot, and hopefully still be entertaining for everyone involved: Every week I vow to write at least one post about a fun, random trivia fact or bit of knowledge.  This will probably happen on Fridays – I don’t have classes on Fridays, and I need a reason to not sleep-in until 2pm.  No promises on what topic it will be, but I promise I will list my sources, it will be educational and fun, and possibly totally irrelevant in real life applications.

Hopefully this will turn out to be some sort of cool mixture of Mythbusters-esque scientific and historical nerdy gloriousness.  Now, I know what you are thinking, there are bajillions of these kinds of blogs on the internet, but hey, maybe mine will be more interesting?  I think it will be.  But all bets are off, so check back and see what transpires!

What’s coming soon:

So, whats up with this weird little fluffy rodent? What is it? Why is it famous and interesting? Find out soon!


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